‘Sweet Baby Jesus’…is a beer?

What does it say about us when a company blasphemes the name of Jesus in order to sell beer in mainstream markets—and succeeds?


Who Needs Siblings? The Feminist Crusade for Only Children

Are only children–and their parents–better off? Yes, says the author of a new book, One and Only: The Freedom of Having an Only Child and the Joy of Being One. Her warped feminist lens sees parenting as a zero-sum game and each child as a potential threat to a woman’s ‘authentic self.’ She’s couldn’t be more wrong.

The Girl Scouts: A “Groundbreaking” Feminist Moment

Are the Girl Scouts neutral on abortion? Hardly. They recently sponsored a live screening and panel discussion of the feminist documentary, MAKERS, which presents abortion as essential to women’s autonomy. Headliners for the event included Amy Richards, whose “groundbreaking” MAKERS video describes her decision to “get rid of” two of her three triplets through selective reduction. Welcome to the new Girl Scouts.