About Mary Hasson

I’m a Catholic conservative and a Fellow in Catholic Studies at the Ethics and Public Policy Center in Washington, D.C.  While my official bio is below, what you really need to know about me is that God is my hope and family is my joy. A good run, a good book, and a good laugh make for a great day.

You’ll find my thoughts here on faith, culture, women, and family life.

Why “Words from Cana”?  Because they are words to live by: “Do whatever He tells you.”


Mary Rice Hasson is a Fellow in the Ethics and Public Policy Center’s Catholic Studies program in Washington, D.C. An attorney, Mrs. Hasson is working on a book that explores Catholic women’s views on sexual morality and reproduction.  She previously co-authored a study on media ratings, published in Pediatrics (June 2011), and co-authored a leading book on Catholic homeschooling. Mrs. Hasson writes for the Catholic News Agency, several Catholic parenting websites, the international human rights website MercatorNet.com, and blogs at wordsfromcana. A frequent speaker on family and cultural issues, Mrs. Hasson has been interviewed by a wide range of media outlets including CNN, EWTN, the BBC, the Associated Press (AP) and local radio and print publications.

To contact Mary Hasson:  Please use the comment form on this page (your inquiry will not be published).


4 thoughts on “About Mary Hasson

  1. Beautiful words, thoughts, and sentiments about Mary Murphy Hamann. My heart goes out to Mike and family.

  2. Hi Mary Hassan! This is to thank you for your contributions towards educating the public. May God grant more wisdom and the works of your hands, Amen. Well done! May God grant more wisdom and the works of your hands, Amen. Well done!

  3. So many prayers for young Nick…do they not count if one is not Catholic? Will continue to pray for him as I have everyday since the weekend he was injured, and will continue to ask others to do so, Christian, Catholic, or whatever….

    • Hi Erin,
      I am so glad that you have been praying—of course non-Catholic prayers are welcome. The emphasis on Catholicism here reflects the family’s faith community and the context for their deep faith. God welcomes prayers from us all, saints, sinners, anywhere in between. No one’s here to judge the worthiness of anyone’s prayers—just simply to ask for them. So keep them coming…from anyone and everyone!

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