‘Transgendered’ Kids in School: The Big Lie

“Tommy,” my childhood playmate, thought he was Superman.

He wore a cape, fought imaginary bad guys, and insisted on being called Superman.  His mom and dad played along—until the day “Superman” decided he could fly and jumped off the garage roof. Fortunately, he only broke his arm, not his neck, and his parents went back to calling him Tommy.

Tommy was limited, you might say, by a very concrete, physical reality: he was a boy, not Superman. No matter how hard he imagined, how strongly he believed, and how soaring his lift-off, he would plummet straight down to the ground. He could not fly.

Initially, his parents indulged his childish, wishful thinking. But Tommy’s painful collision with reality jarred them back into their authoritative role as parents. Tommy needed their guidance.  He needed them to explain the truth inscribed in his body: the ‘real Tommy’ wasn’t Superman—he was a boy. And God made him for something far better than being “Superman.” His happiness, not to mention his safety, depended on accepting and embracing that reality.

Fast forward to Massachusetts, 2013.

Just as Tommy needed his parents to ground him in reality, the children of Massachusetts need the adults in their lives to do the same.

But the Massachusetts Board of Education has done the opposite. It recently established a harmful protocol for Massachusetts’ public schools, under the benign title, “Creating a Safe and Supportive School Environment.” The document offers “guidance” for elementary and secondary schools as they implement new state laws prohibiting gender identity discrimination.

Specifically, schools must remove all “obstacles” which prevent ‘transgender or gender non-conforming students’ from enjoying “equal educational opportunities.” (Massachusetts law defines a ‘transgender’ student as one “whose gender identity or gender expression is different from that traditionally associated with the assigned sex at birth.”)

Much of the outcry centers on three points:

  • Transgender children must be allowed to use restrooms and locker rooms of the opposite sex, if they so choose.
  • Transgender children may use any name or pronoun, regardless of its biological mismatch (e.g., a boy who identifies as a transgendered girl may insist on being called “she”).
  • Schools must “eliminate” gendered dress codes and classroom management strategies that divide children by gender.

The Board’s policy manufactures ‘solutions’ to an imaginary problem. It cites the “reality” that children with gender identity issues are enrolled in Massachusetts’ schools, but offers no evidence that any of them actually have been excluded from “educational opportunities,” such as chemistry, math, or English classes, because of their gender identity.

But facts don’t matter to the Massachusetts propagandists. Their real goal has little to do with educational access and everything to do with indoctrinating teachers and children in radical gender theory.

The Massachusetts policy systematically foists a perverse orthodoxy on every public school teacher and child. It promotes the core belief—the big lie—that there is no such thing as human nature or natural distinctions of male and female. Instead, the Board of Education embraces the queer gospel that each person is a god unto him or herself, creating a gender identity based on feelings, or one’s “internalized sense” of self, regardless of biology.

Male and female He created them?”  Not in Massachusetts.

The Board of Education insists that schools proactively “create a culture” that would make gender-nonconforming and transgender kids “feel safe, supported, and fully included.” But the new transgender-safe culture is insidious. It must be created even if the school currently has no transgender or gender-nonconforming children. Why? Liberals presume that unknown numbers of transgender children are suffering alone and in secret, and that they will only ‘come out’ if the coast is clear.

So everyone must play the transgender game. The indoctrination (“education and training”) will be part of every school’s “anti-bullying curriculum, student leadership trainings, and staff professional development.”

Worse, the Massachusetts Board of Education clearly expects all students and teachers to go along with the big lie:

  • Students who object to the intrusion on their privacy (from an opposite sex, ‘transgender’ child in restrooms or changing facilities) will be told, effectively, ‘Too bad. Get over it.’
  • Students who refuse to go along with the fiction and refer to the transgender child by his or her gender “assigned at birth” instead of the preferred pronoun, will subject to “discipline.” Teachers must “model” the required speech and attitude.
  • Schools will train students and teachers in Orwellian doublespeak: gender is “assigned” at birth (as if ‘male’ and ‘female’ were arbitrary classifications, as random as being assigned to the blue team or red team in gym class) and transgender students may elect “gender-confirming surgeries” (as if double mastectomies, genital removal, and other gender-mutilating surgeries ‘confirmed’ anything).
  • Children will bear the new burden of discovering their gender identity, but will be taught that their bodies offer nary a clue. They will be taught that the transgender identity, perceived as young as “age four,” is “innate” and “largely inflexible.” (The Board ignores decades of research to the contrary. Dr. Kenneth Zucker, head of the Gender Identity Service at Toronto’s Center for Addiction and Mental Health contends that, “The majority of children followed longitudinally appear to lose the diagnosis of GID [gender identity disorder] [by] late adolescence or young adulthood, and appear to have …a gender identity that matches their natal sex.”)

In Massachusetts, a transgender-supportive culture means that school officials will insist that normal children squelch instinctive reactions that something is wrong when a dress-wearing boy calls himself a girl. Children will be taught that religious truths about sexuality are bigoted relics of a less-enlightened time. They will learn that their bodily reality is nothing more than an arbitrary “assignment” at birth—there is no “human nature,” only personal choices and self-definition along a shifting spectrum of human sexuality. Finally, they will be taught not to judge: Who is to say that one’s chosen gender identity is any less normal, natural, or good than another?

Remember my friend Tommy? He needed the truth. He needed to embrace his bodily reality instead of wishing for something different.

The children of Massachusetts need the same. The ‘Big Lie’ can never substitute for the truth.





29 thoughts on “‘Transgendered’ Kids in School: The Big Lie

  1. Wow, this was incredible. Thank you for sharing. I have decided I want to homeschool my kids because the indoctrination is too much for me to handle. In Toronto we have sex-ed starting at grade 1 where kids begin to label different body parts. It’s insane!

  2. Hi, just thought I’d weigh in here.

    Our family is Catholic, and our child (now 15) is transgender. The first signs started at age 3 and a half, when he categorically rejected any clothing that was pink or flowery. Thereafter, our child consistently and emphatically expressed the desire to be a boy.

    We kept thinking it was a phase – and we kept reminding him that God made him a girl, not a boy. But 12 years later, we have concluded that it was not a phase, and my view now is that if God could make things like Mt. Everest and brightly colored tree frogs and everything else in the universe, I suppose he could make transgendered people too.

    I wanted to express my appreciation for everyone reading this blog. In doing so, you are thinking about my child’s issue — and awareness (even if there is not acceptance or disagreement) in my book is better than not even being aware. And yes, I can understand why, looking at this issue from afar, there could be such divergent views on the issue. I would probably feel the same way, but for having raised my child.

    I agree that it is a very tough thing for school systems to deal with, and that different parents could feel very differently about this issue. It’s sort’ve been a non issue at our school, and for that we are fortunate.

    While you might wonder what sort of unusual circumstances produces these types of kids, we are a pretty normal (and dare I say boring) family. I don’t think my husband and I have enough energy to be radical, that sounds like we’d have to live in a tent or something. Like many of you, I am happy my kids are doing well in school and unhappy that they don’t eat as many vegetables as they should, and probably should be doing laundry right now instead of posting a comment on a blog.

    Raising a transgendered kid is nothing I ever expected, but I have now accepted that it is real, not a phase. I don’t understand how or why it occured, but I guess I am not the only parent to ever say that about their child. Thanks for reading this, and peace.

    • A three and a half year old does not comprehend “girl” and “boy” clothing. That is taught. Failure to guide a child can result in these gender confusion senarios. Boys wearing high heels are just doing it cause they see mommy do it, not cause they identify with a gender. This confusion is what is leading parents down the rabbit hole of failing to guide their kids down the right path.

      • @jskains-yes, exactly. Many kids with older sinblings will also want to model their sibling out of admiration. I had older brothers and wanted to play drums and soccer because they did. My nephew used to hold a purse and wear his mother’s shoes and say bye bye because that’s what his mom did when she went to work. A girl can wear a truck tshirt as much as a boy can play with a baby doll. These are flexible things but that dosen’t mean your child is confused and should be taught they are now a girl because they wanted a sparkle tattoo sticker one time out the gum ball machine. I just don’t like how they refuse to use biological terms and medical facts yet it requires science and medicine to make them transition. It is selective. They confuse the sex of a person with the gender of a person and claim it’s us who is confused. Your sex was recorded at birth not your gender. Male and femlae is different than boy and girl yet they don’t seem to get that. A person is born Asian yet if they transitioned to White there would be controversy. Cougar wives of Atlanta etc and celebrities are judged for plastic surgery yet trans kids get fundraisers for theirs. I stuggle with medical bills and they get a parade. It is not civil rights they want it’s attention and special treatment. It is unfair considering they are in the minority by a huge gap. I am no a bigot because I don’t support a family spending thousands of dollars on selfish vanity. Being yourself is free and they are fixated on material objects to make them whole. They think liptick and plastic boos is what will make them a woman which is an insult to every woman on the planet. They are a caricature of a woman and it is skin deep.

      • Do u truly belive that kids are simply acting on what they see or how close they might be to a parent of the opposite sex. If so then showing them the “line” between male and female things should solve the confusion right? Wrong if the person really is trans and cant express it then they most likly will become depressed and even suisical losing all scence of self and being uncomfortable with there body,name,close,ect I happen to be trans and yes I am also quite young but I realize that most cis people don’t have empathy for some one who suffers with sexual orientation as humans we can’t always understand things that are seen as contrary to conventional thinking I won’t ask u to walk a mile in my shoes because u can’t but try to imagine for a moment the benefit of acceptance teaching kids to look past aperence it will end just as black people had to fight for eaqality as do gay or transgender but people will come to find we are no different and not a threat to there way of life

    • Thank you for loving your child. I have worked for years with homeless LGBTQ youth (aka. “throw away kids”) and I am so thankful to hear stories about parents continuing to love their child, rather than kicking them to the curb. You inspire me.

    • A pity you did not get your child to a Christian psychiatrist before this. Several leading psychiatrists and psychologists have come out recently and stated that there is simply no such things as “transgenderism.”

      See: http://www.lifesitenews.com/news/psychiatry-expert-scientifically-there-is-no-such-thing-as-transgender

      And here, about a young man in Britain whose life became a lot worse after he went through “corrective” surgery. Now he wants to revert back to being a young man again and to re-connect with his family. Absolutely tragic.


      The whole ‘transgender” movement has been aggressively promoted by homosexual activists to add to their numbers. it is an entirely politically motivated phenomenon that is using people who are mentally ill or simply unhappy, as pawns, and that is the biggest tragedy of all.

    • For I was born a sinner–yes, from the moment my mother conceived me. Psalm 51:5 “The human heart is the most deceitful of all things, and desperately wicked. Who really knows how bad it is? Jeremiah 17:9 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it. Proverbs 22:6 We live in a sinful fallen creation. God did not make your kid transgendered he made man and woman male and female he made them. Your child wasn’t “showing signs” your child was confused and you didn’t guide your child on the right path. I’ll pray for your child to be normal and for you to actually understand the gospel and repent of your sins.

  3. Being transgender is not such a terrible thing. Many of us thrive in our affirmed genders, well accepted by co-workers and clients. Just like many cisgender people. Many of us are highly moral people, just like cisgender people. Some of us are open about our history. Most of us just want to do our jobs, be good parents, good citizens, and good neighbors. You probably know people who happen to be transgender, you just don’t know that they are trans.

    The majority of trans adolescents have beenverbally harassed, and about a third have been physically assaulted. Those who assaulted are more likely to leave school without graduating. Half of trans students are physically assaulted by family members when theycome out; a third are kicked out of their family home. Nearly half of all trans people have attempted suicide; the rate drps to 21% if they have started transition and 2% if they have completed transition.

    Your religion would be improved by compassion and some understanding of reality.

  4. Reality is that we are born as either of the male sex or of the female sex, with corresponding physical manifestations. Very rarely, people are born with a physical abnormality (intersex) in which they have physical characteristics of both sexes.

    Having an intersex condition is not the same as the “transgender” theory in which the individual has normal physical sexual characteristics but in their mind thinks they’re the opposite sex. When people still had common sense, we used to know it as a fact that during the crucial time of early psychological development (2-5 years old) the young, impressionable child patterns after male or female role modeling. Those individuals who believe they are “transgender” patterned after the wrong role modeling as young children and didn’t pick up the right clues of maleness or femaleness to integrate into their personality. This is why you will often hear such individuals say something such as, “I always felt this way, ever since I was very little. Like I didn’t fit in my body”. It’s because the right role modeling wasn’t processed by them for various reasons (maybe lack of same sex parent’s interaction, family members unknowingly encouraging opposite sex behaviors, etc). They did not receive the right clues and became confused as to their role as a male or female.

    it’s very hard to look into the reason for a child’s mistaken belief that they are “transgender”. Many parents’ unspoken fear is that they would be blamed.

    • Reality is, intersex conditions are only half as rare as having the gene for red hair (1.5%). Reality is, some intersex people reject the sex and gender imposed on them as infants and transition as adults. You see, sometimes people are more than one thing.
      You sound like you believe minds are irrelevant. Would you also believe intelligence doesn’t exist? Or depression? Or language? There is no evidence of a critical period in the development of gender identity, and no evidence to support social learning theory (role modeling) accounts of the origins of gender identity. Children don’t behave like that theory wants them to when it comes to gender identity. Most transgender people have had two excellent heterosexual cis gender parents who love/loved them deeply. We trans people are not the fault of our parents. Yet they will always be blamed it seems. Some of those parents wear that blame as badge of pride, as they should. There is nothing “wrong” with being trans.

  5. I’ve found that you cannot have a discussion based upon reason with people who insist that you can square a circle, that they are really Napoleon, or that two and two equals five. Add to that list people who think they are trapped in the wrong body. Followers of gender theory ideology are trying to sell us on the idea that we who oppose their false ideology must abandon our reason and join their ranks instead. No thanks, not even if corrupt laws are enacted to try to make us do so.

  6. A very interesting subject. Over the past 10-years my wife and I, and our adult daughter and her husband, have come to know a number of transgendered professional people including our dermatologist, two neighbors, a CIA Director, and a few others. There are many more transgendered folks than one might imagine. The vast majority are heterosexual “cross-dressers”, e.g. men or women who like to occasionally express a “second-self”, e.g. the opposite gender. A few, a very few, feel that they were born into the wrong body. Our transgendered dermatologist and his wife explained to us that “sex is between your legs, while gender is between your ears”. My father, a clinical psychologist, agreed 100% since he has a number of T-G patients. He also pointed out that it is “not a pathology” and there is “no cure”. If you are born transgender, you will remain transgender. For most transgendered folks, it is manifested early in life. And he pointed out that being transgendered and can be a living-hell. Most will do their best to try to escape the situation, but since you are born transgendered or not, it is a pre-programmed situation.

    My wife and I feel very sorry for anyone, or the parents or families, who suffer with a transgendered situation. Society will attack any who appear to be different regardless. It took quite a while for American society to begin to accept Blacks, the Irish, Asians and others who are”different” in any way.

    Baltimore Police Department

  7. I have an 18-year-old sister who has recently told us as a family that she is a transgender and wants to get hormone therapy and have a sex change. The truth is, I find it difficult to believe that there is really, in fact, such a thing as “transgender”. Being a professional in a medical background, I have been doing a lot of research into the science of the concept of “man trapped inside a female’s body” and vice versa and find that it is all pseudo science. Psychiatrists can assess an individual only based on the information given to them by the individual. My sister, who only became tomboyish in high school, actually believes that she has been feeling this way since she was in primary school. My family has gone through things such as the chronic illness of my mother and then my father’s remarrying, etc; There have been conflicts with the stepmother and her sons, etc over the years involving my sister directly and I somehow feel that perhaps the idea of transgender may have come from the lack of care we have given my sister who lost our mother at the mere age of 9. My sister denies this of course and says that that is all in the past and has nothing to do with it. She has also approached a psychiatrist who apparently has told her that if she feels so strongly this way, she should undergo the hormone therapy and sex change. The cost is $30 a week for life and $4000 to switch. I don’t even know what to make of this figure. It makes our body seem so cheap.

    I am very sad to see that on the internet, society strives to embrace the concept of transgender when it is all based on emotions and those who oppose it are seen as “incompassionate and cold-hearted morons”. I was even told by my sister that I am “behind the times”. We are treating what I believe to be a mental illness by going along with it and changing the shell to match the emotions. My sister tells me that I will never understand the pain she is going through because I am not her. I do love my sister very much and accept her the way she is. What I don’t understand is why she cannot accept what she has been given by nature? If I don’t like the way my nose or boobs look, I don’t see myself getting plastic surgery (even though it is very accessible and can be affordable these days). So in short, transgenders are people who would rather undergo hormone therapy to change their perfectly healthy and functioning body into something that will not function appropriately but LOOK like something of the opposite sex than to try to fix up what is on the INSIDE. Why do they keep insisting that it is the physical part that is mutated and not the mind that is the problem? And when they are screaming out for their family to accept them for who they are (i.e., trapped souls in the wrong body), what they don’t see is that THEY are not accepting themselves for who they are. They would rather change what they look like on the outside and fool themselves along with the rest of the world into thinking that they are of a different gender.

    It pains me to see this…and because it is happening to my younger sister, it is even more personal an issue and it is simply stabbing me in the heart. I will eventually have to bury my sister…not with my mother but with her current gender, only to mourn in silence.

    • Rebecca, That’s a powerful–and heart-wrenching–comment. I think you are exactly right. Think of what would happen if we approached anorexia the same way (affirming the feelings in spite of the bodily reality). People would die. And as you so poignantly state, you will be silently mourning the loss of your sister…to a lie.

    • I am sorry you are feeling this way about your sister. Understand that if your sister and the professionals working with her following the WPATH Standards of Care, psychotherapy is required before hormone treatment and before any GRS surgeries. This is not and easy path. There are high rates of depression and anxiety among trans people who have not transitioned, and sometimes it can take years to get a hormone letter or a surgery letter. Transition is not for everyone. There has existed a good deal of research since the 1960s showing the ineffectiveness of attempts to change trans persons’ gender identity. Certainly persons who claim to be transgender are not fiction; they exist and show up in medical.and community mental health centers around the world. How to treat them in ways that enhance their lives and don’t worsen depression and anxiety is critical. I hope you can keep a relationship with your sister. Sisterhood is powerful and to lose your sister would be tragic

  8. Sadly, a relative in the extended family has succumbed to the current science-fiction craze of “trangenderism”. Other family members have been heavily pressured by pro-transgender family members to agree with this relative’s delusions and affirm them as being perfectly acceptable, normal, and the truth. We are expected to ignore our own reasoning in order to keep peace in the extended family (the “peace at all costs” viewpoint). What the pro-transgender side insists we do is thoroughly embrace an outrageous lie and promote the lie by treating the relative as being the opposite sex from what they really are. They insist we must participate with this charade and have tried to make our refusal the problem, instead of the real problem being that the relative thinks they’re the opposite sex. We, on the other hand, will not submit to the lie, no matter how great the pressure applied. This issue has caused turmoil in the family as a whole, resulting in our withdrawal from attending family functions due to the unrelenting pressure applied upon us from the pro-transgender group. That is the only way at present we see to maintain an uneasy truce in the family.

    Those practitioners in the medical field who are facilitating and encouraging the physical mutilation of people, instead of treating their real problem, which is in their minds, will have much to answer for down the road. They are ruining people and they are ruining families. The Lobotomy craze was also supposed to be a physical solution to a psychological problem of the mind. Now we see their solution was a horror.

  9. I wonder how many years it will take before society realizes how wrong they were about these transgender beliefs? No one can truly change his/her gender, one is what he or she is; removing sexual organs is only cosmetic surgery. A male cannot change the fact that he is genetically still a male. Same with the female, those genetics remain the same. I am horrified that doctors will even do this surgery on teenagers, some as young as 18. All this amounts to is genital mutilation. No wonder the suicide rate is so high among the “transgender” folk. What they need is psychotherapy help them realize who they really are. I saw something on the Biography channel a few weeks ago about a couple where the husband decided he wanted to become a woman. Of course it didn’t fare well for wife because she did not want to be married to a woman. The strange thing was, although he wanted to be a woman, he still was sexually attracted to women. That shows how confused he really was. Instead of going through the process of morphing himself to a woman, he should have looked at trying to sort out his feelings regarding his own gender confusion. These doctors who perform this “surgery” forever mutilate the gender confused person. We think Dr. Joseph Mengele was a monster. What about these “doctors” who perform this surgery?

    • First, psytherapy has been required before hormone therapy and surgeries can be done, according to the WPATH Standards of Care. Most insurance does not cover psychotherapy for gender transition. There were studies in the 1960s and ’70s that found psychotherapy is not effective in changing gender identity in adults. Children are different: of those under age nine, 80% identify with their birth sex. But of those who declare a transgender identity at age 11 or older nearly none change their mind.

      Second genetic sex is not relevant for Trans people and those caring for them. There are XY individuals who appear completely female (complete AIS).

      Surgery is not really relevant here; no one can get gender transition related surgery prior to age 18, But any surgery that involved relocating intact nerves, retorting the urretha, and to construct genitalia that look normal cannot be called “mutilation”, mengele is a poor comparison. Joseph Mengele operated without the person’s consent. Surgeons doing GRS get parent consent. There are many hoops patients must jump through in order to be eligible and declared ready for surgery.

      There is no relationship between gender identity and sexual orientation. Often Trans people have the same sexual orientation after transition as before. Some of us like me, change orientations after transition. 25% of our spouses stay with us following transition; if one person transitions, the family transitions .

      • Gender reassignment is not the answer to the problem. Today’s world view with today’s psychiatrists and psychologists is to right away encourage a gender change and do NOTHING to help the person live with himself or herself as they are. Many who have undergone this gender reassignment have lived to very much regret the procedure and have committed suicide. What other cosmetic procedure leads to so much suicide? None! A study in Sweden concluded that reassignment surgery may not suffice as treatment for transsexualism. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21364939 . The abstract for the study is at that link and you can download the entire paper. Gender reassignment is just a huge experiment in sexual cosmetic surgery. I really don’t know how a surgeon can live with him/herself after performing this kind of surgery.

      • The control groups in that study were general popuulation controls. Transsexuals in Sweden during the last quarter of the 20th century had a higher suicide risk than nontranssexuals, and the risk was srill higher than for controls after gender reassignment surgeries. The test for whether reassignment is harmful for transgender people would be to compare transgender people who have undergone reassignment with those trans people who had not. Gender transition in Sweden in those days meant forced sterilizatuon and forced divorce, even if the trans person and their spouse wanted to stay married. Sweden required them to destroy any banked eggs or sperm or embryos. It is only this year that Sweden changed their sterilization law.It would make sense that if you destroy a person’s primary support system and their ability to start a family that there would be mental health consequences. A period of psychotherapy prior to transition surgeries is required before approval for surgeries, but not after. The authors concluded that trans people often need counseling following gender transition as well, and that makes sense.some trans people have unrealistic expectations of surgery. They may get a natural appearing result, but it doesn’t fix other issues, like getting a job successfully, having a natural voice, or building a new family. Surgery requires a daily aftercare routine that is time consuming and painful.

        Gender reassignment can mean many things. It can simply refer to social transition; it can refer to a change in legal gender;it can refer to surgical procedures; or some combination of these. Not everyone transitions, and even if they socially transition, not everyone gets surgery. Often this is because they can’t afford surgery, but many decide a social transition is sufficient. Surgeries atenit easy to obtain, especially in countries with gender clinics.

        In my own coming out and gender therapy, gender transition (living as the opposite gender) was only one of many options, and that i would need to make many decisions about how I wanted to proceed. Surgeries were not strongly recommended, just thatif I wanted to go that route i had options.

  10. Excellent perspective. I can’t imagine the kind of disturbing thought processes that must occur in people choosing to be transgendered or transsexual. But we most certainly shouldn’t be promoting either divergence in our children. Here’s an example of a “fully grown” person changing his/her mind. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2013/08/06/abc-newsman-who-switched-genders-wants-to-switch-back/?test=latestnews
    You have a new follower, and I may cite your post in an article on my website politicallytrue.com.

    • no one chooses to be a transsexual did you choose to be straight. and as for don the pressure he lived under could not be easy in the public eye. you may see don start again to transition or found dead by his own hands

  11. Our ability to rationalize is limited only by the bounds of our imagination and desire. What will we grant ourselves the right to “transition” into next?

  12. Personally i’m not a follower of any religion but i’m going to just keep this basic.

    Dude. If you have a dick you’re a boy. You can imagine yourself as whatever you want but stop crying when the rest of us aren’t interested in your dressup and play pretend. Grow. Up. Science says otherwise. Your sex and gender are not a choice. Your self image is. And labeling your self image off some idea mirrored by body parts just makes you look stupid, especially when you start swapping them. Call yourself effimenanate, or masculine, that’s fine. But male and female were designed to denote your body parts, as was he and she. It’s to keep things from getting obnoxiously confusing.

    If you want to dress in dresses, that’s fine. But the point of separation especially for bathrooms and changing facilities is for safety and to prevent sexual assaults. I’m sorry but society is not comfortable with this Transgender shit being jammed down our throats. Again, you want to see yourself as female instead of male? fine. But don’t shove it down our throats. We have just as much right to reject your fantasy as you do to try and live it. If you want to win people over to like and accept you willingly, that’s good. I encourage it. But don’t force your views on us. You’re the deviant. Not. Us.

    Someone needs to stop all this bleeding heart shit. I don’t advocate hate crimes against people for being gay, lesbian or transgender, or even denying them marriage or equal rights. But being allowed to use the girl’s bathroom when you are PHYSICALLY male, just because you want to see yourself as a girl? No.

    Your in your head identity is NOT PHYSICALLY REAL. We have a word for that. It’s called DELUSIONAL. You want to roleplay and fantasize, great. You want a different self image in your head? Keep it in your head. You want to wear a dress? Sure. Go for it. But be respectful of the rest of us by staying in the restroom and changing rooms that are DESIGNATED for your PHYSICAL SEX. And stop trying to force the rest of us into going along with it, as well as forcing teachers to. You aren’t being discriminated by being told to use the PROPER BATHROOM for your body because it is designed to separate people for their PHYSICAL GENDER. Not your imagination.

    Another thing. That whole pronoun bit? It’s based off your body. Deal with it. It is improper to discipline children or teachers or even co workers, or allow court cases because we’re not going to go along with your mental fantasy. You don’t “grow up to become a woman” or “grow up and be a man one day” if you’re the opposite sex. Your sex/gender is not a job or career, or progression. Learn to love yourself as you are instead of being disgruntled, by assuming because you are effiminate, that therefore you “must be a woman trapped in a man’s body.” This is a lie and bullshit FED to transgenders to make them believe they need to believe in gender assigned roles.

    There is no “behave like a man” or “behave like a woman.” There is only BE YOU. Therefore there is no need for the transgender mindset, because you are just being you, and not “being a girl” or “being a boy” mentally. Teach kids to respect the desire to behave different, or even feminine/masculine or breaking gender roles. But do not. I repeat, DO NOT cater to this bullshit about “but i’m really a girl” when you clearly have male parts. Stop. LYING. TO. YOURSELVES. And quit assuming your mannerisms need to be matched to what’s in between your legs. You can behave however you want. But stop trying to tell the rest of us you are SOMETHING YOU ARE NOT and then getting angry and throwing fits when we say “no. reality says otherwise. So does biology.” Notations on forms and ID’s about your “gender” are not “what you see yourself as.” If you want to change your genders, go get surgery. If you can’t afford it, I’m sorry, but not amount of playing dressup and lying to yourself will change that.

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